Saturday, August 14, 2010

If You Enjoy Eating at Oil Can Henry...

Being as hungry as a family vegan tyrannosaurus(es?) yesterday evening, we all decided to try the new Five Guys in north Salem. We weren't that impressed last time, but wanted to give it a second try since everyone seems to be talking about it--except the cows which seem nervous of late.

First, the good news. The hamburgers and fries (virtually the extent of the menu) are very good. The hamburger patties are moist and not over-cooked. The hamburgers are stacked with whatever vegetable extras you might want for no extra charge. The flavor is a step or two better than Sonic, which says a lot in my book. The fries are lightly salted and delicious. (For those who have tried Dicks Drive-in in Seattle, they remind me of theirs. I could be wrong, though, as it's been many years since I've made a "Dick's Run" from Seattle Pacific University.) They're a little greasy, as my son repeatedly pointed out, but maybe that's part of what makes them so addictive? The peanuts are a nice touch, I suppose. At least you're not encouraged to throw them on the floor like one place in town.

Now, the not so good news. The atmosphere of Five Guys is reminiscent of a noisy Oil Can Henry. Everyone's talking so loudly that someone like me can barely here you if you're standing a foot away. Since no one can be heard above the din, the young employees have to bellow the order numbers either by voice loudspeakers. This, in turn, makes everyone talk a little more loudly. Why they can't have displays at different points around the serving area to notify patrons that their order is up, I have no idea. They could put the number up on the board, then, if no one gets up in a moment, use the speakers as a last resort. Even the floor is weird. It's colored to resemble either stone or wood, but the chairs make high-pitched squeaks and squeals like metal on metal.

I guess, for the money, I expect a little bit more civilized surroundings. I think the way to do this place is to buy a bunch of their burgers and fries, then enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. If you could keep them warm, it'd be a good way to impress your neighbors at the next barbecue. When it gets down to it, though, I don't think Five Guys is that much better than Sonic--and it's a little more pricey.

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