Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dawn of the Monster Omelet!

Be afraid, readers...very afraid. Okay, so this photo may not generate a salivation frenzy, but the truth is that this humble looking monster tasted quite good. The trick turned out to be an adaption on the previous Test Kitchen method.

I added the extra yolk, as well as the cut butter as I was whisking it eighty times (give or take ten, or so). The rest of the process was standard omelet preparation--none of the on heat/off heat, scrambled eggs with a toothpick nonsense. After all, this culinary creation took place in the morning, and the coffee was not even ready yet. I assume you get the picture--it wasn't pretty.

The bottom line is that I cut about half of the preparation by skipping the middle steps. The end result was almost as tender as last Saturday's method, but it held together much, much better. So, I think this is the new way I will cook my omelets in the future. Now all we need is a chicken.

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