Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Thanks on Muchas Gracias

This will be a quick post tonight... I've always been pretty easy-going when it comes to Mexican food, but we had maybe the worst Mexican food we've ever had this evening at a Washington/Oregon chain called Muchas Gracias. Looking for something fast and cheap we stopped by this restaurant's location in south Salem. Besides tasting awful, the food was not particularly cheap--in cost.

First, the nachos one of our group ordered included small pieces of beef, about one third of which tasted like gristle, the rest like...well, let's not go there. My son's burrito was sitting in a pile of drippings. He described the flavor and texture as being something like eating bad taco soup. He was particularly excited with the prize accompanying his meal: a long hair inside one of the buritos. That really made his day.

As for me, I can't seem to get rid of a metallic flavor in my mouth since dinner. I am not pleased a pleased reviewer. As John Hodgman might say, "that is all."

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