Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jambalaya and the Fixin's--& Chocolate?

Here's something new for my fellow northern readers to try: jambalaya. This southern recipe was found on, and it's simply named Joe's Jambalaya . This is basically a hearty stew made of sausage and seafood. It can contain multiple kinds of seafood, but we just used shrimp. (When I had this in a Cajun restaurant, I think it contained some critters I could probably have done without eating.) It really hits the spot on cool northwestern days. Have ample supplies of hot sauce handy!

The main change we made was to add okra and use jasmine rice. While the jasmine rice is great, it does require more liquid. We served this jambalaya with a side of fresh corn bread.

By the way, here's a great dessert treat: Sipping Dreams Drinking Chocolate . We tried this product from Whole Foods for the first time this evening. It is perhaps the best hot chocolate I've had in years, very rich with strong cocoa flavor and hints of vanilla. Keep in mind that one bar of the chocolate only makes a cup of the drink when added to milk--so buy enough for everyone!

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