Sunday, July 2, 2017

London/Rome Study Abroad

     It's getting closer to the time of departure, and it's truly hard to imagine I'm finally going to be traveling (and learning) through London and Rome.

     In about eight weeks, I'll be leaving the USA for London along with a group of fellow student travelers from Marylhurst University.  I look forward with great anticipation to seeing the sights of two of the truly great cities of the world.  In making this journey, the focus is really upon learning and connecting the dots  regarding the cultural and physical context of some of the world's greatest art and literature.  I look forward to visiting the libraries and museums of London, and I also am excited to visit the Vatican.  The Globe Theater is also on the itinerary, and I am confident that will be amazing.  For a guy whose only out of country travel has been limited to Canada, I'm confident this will be an enriching experience for all of us student travelers.  

     This study abroad program will be the primary focus of my blog for a while now.  If you want to check for updates, I invite you to search for the following hashtag: #MULondonRome2017 .

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