Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"The Blood Cries Out" Great Review Giveaway!

Win original sketch by Kimberly Erickson!
You've probably heard the news--The Blood Cries Out is now available as an e-book through both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  (Soon, it should also reach traditional distribution.)  The challenge now is how does one jumpstart the online reader reviews when no one seems to want to go first?  Well, we have a plan!

If you purchase and honestly review the tale (at either online retailer) between now and August 3rd, we will enter you for a chance to win this original sketch completed by artist and illustrator Kimberly Erickson (author's wife).  All you need to do is to e-mail Karl when your review goes live online.  If you do two reviews--one for Kindle and one for Nook readers--you'll receive one extra entry to win the sketch.  

We're going ahead, though, and throwing one more enticement into that winner's lucky hand.  Kimberly has just launched a Summer Art Sale online.  It will features many paintings and prints at a reduced cost--for a week only.  Our randomly-selected winner will also receive a coupon code good for 25% off any art purchase (for this online sale only).  

You should know that this art sale will also feature one work by Kimberly's father, John Carroll Collier.    

So, don't miss out!  Submit your review today!!

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