Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sliding into the Guild's News Position....

Illustration by Kimberly Erickson
Greetings!  Please bear with me as I try to lend a hand with getting the news out for the Catholic Writers' Guild!  I'm new at this, so hopefully everything will work as it should-- but I'll ask your patience in advance!

So, who am I, and what am I doing here?  Well, why don't we leave the philosophical musings to John Konecsni...but let's just say that I am glad to be endeavoring to lead a more active role within the guild in the coming year.  That said, I should probably mention that I am a very busy guy.  Between the full time state government job  (doing terrible things to numbers) and a novel which has been nearing its last and very final stage towards completion for about....the last year, I sometimes am tempted to throw in the towel and open a bed and breakfast in Friday Harbor (San Juan Island, Washington).

Seriously, perhaps you would like to know a little about me?  I'm the author of two lighthearted children's books: Tristan's Travels and Toupee Mice.  Both are available from Rafka Press--but the latter tale is still pre-order.  They are illustrated by my lovely wife, Kimberly Erickson.  If you'd like to learn more about me, please drop by Karl Erickson.  I also have two Facebook pages setup currently.  This is the main author page, and the second page is designated for the children's books.  (If you want to make an author happy, "like" them today--especially the newest one!)

As far as the spiritual journey which brought us here, you can read about that in Catholic Answer's This Rock.  To make a long story short(er), we're very happy to be done once and for all with church shopping.  We're home where we belong in the Catholic Church, and we couldn't be happier!  Now...could we just work on some of those hymns!

I thought I'd conclude with two of my trailers for our books, but I also want to put a quick plug in for a new experiment I'm doing.  It's called the Catholic Writers' Guild (Western Branch).  It occurred to me that it sometimes it's easy to feel geographically removed  from the larger group when only a few brave souls occupy the "western frontiers."  If you think that having an online place to gather for those of us in the western states would be helpful, please just swing by and hit like (hard).  So far, I only have one other person who is remotely excited about the idea.  If no one else has time, I'll probably shelve the group entirely after Christmas.  I won't be promoting that group any more--most likely--so drop by now if interested!

I look forward to helping CWG members get the word out concerning their exciting work and achievements!  Here are the two promised book trailers: Tristan's Travels followed by Toupee Mice.

PS.  You can also find me on Twitter at PacNWCathWriter!

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