Friday, December 14, 2012

A Pitch Black Day

Beautiful faces, mouths agape   
Eyes with tears, cries from red lips awake.  
Nightmare begins like a thunderclap.  
Pleadings, cries, flailing arms, fingers slap.  

Hands raised to the walking night.   
Evil rages, the young lose their fight.  
The nightmare unfolds, and terror calls.  
Groans and gasps echo down the red halls.  

Lifeless faces downward bent   
Ugly eyes stare.  Silent lips, blue and spent.   
Racing men, unprepared for the sight.   
Sons, daughters, babies...gone in the night.    

Spirits rising upward, fire.   
Silent lips, voices clear as the spire.  
The nightmare now is for the living.  
Questions, anger, and no forgiving.   

Bright figures don't look behind.   
Innocence regained, love unconfined.  
Today, the children play at His feet.   
Sons, daughters, babies have arrived complete.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful words of a horrible moment where no words can make sense, but still we must try. Thank you Karl.