Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Ethical Danger of "Co-Parenting"

Apparently the "hot" new thing when it comes to raising kids is something called co-parenting.  It used to refer to divorced or separated parents trying to amicably work together to ensure that their child was raised well.  (As a a kid from a divorced family, I know a lot about this.)  Now, using sites like, people are coming together to have children outside of any formalized relationship or commitment.  

It may sound like a convenient solution to some, but, as someone who grew up in a household touched by divorce, I can't in my wildest imagination understand why parents would willingly wish this upon their children.  If they want a pet, go get a dog or a cat.  A child is not a pet, and a child deserves two parents devoted to each other in a loving, committed, and formalized relationship.  

In essence, this practice is using the tragedy of divorce and of children being shuttled between parents like luggage as its operational model.  Talk about self-centered.  How about considering for a moment the best interest of the child instead of yourself.  It will be interesting (and profoundly sad) t o see how dysfunctional and cynical the children of these imaginary relationships become as young adults.

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