Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blog Happenings & Interview Update

I've really enjoyed the opportunity to bring some fresh interviews to my blog over the last six months.  From Sean Astin and Lino Rulli to Raymond Arroyo and Donna Cori Gibson, I had a blast doing these interviews, and the positive reader feedback was greatly appreciated.  Opening a dialogue with such engaging people continues to be a rich experience indeed.

For the next year, or so, I will be curtailing the frequency of featured interviews from monthly to quarterly.  This should help me concentrate more on my upcoming book, Toupee Mice, as well as the new novel I'm writing--not to mention the ol' day job for the State of Oregon.  (Yes, I'm a busy guy...)

Speaking of the novel, here's a little photographic teaser for The Blood Cries Out.  Can you guess where I took this shot?

PS.  I hope you can drop by my new author page!

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