Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Internet Ramblings

Ever thought about how the internet has changed communication?  I don't mean speed.  We all know it's fast, but what's the tradeoff for that blazing speed?  Take the publishing field, for instance.  It's very common to send an e-mail to an editor or fellow writer and for the response to take so long (if at all) that one almost forgets what the original question was about.  If you're like me, non-responses are a pet peeve.  In my day job, they are easy enough to understand, but I tend to be more irked by them as a writer.  (Suggestion of the day, use an "out of office" automatic reply to tell senders when to expect a response.  It's courteous and informative.)

The thing is, though, that more than likely the person can't manage their e-mails and Farmville simultaneously.  So, while we let petty annoyances build over such silly things as unanswered e-mails, there's probably a good chance the person hasn't even seen the message--or whatever else you may be waiting for the person to address.  For all you know, then, there is no reason at all to let yourself be annoyed by it.  Want to feel better?  Just imagine the fellow staring blankly at a growing e-mail inbox.  It works for me.   (Pink flamingos on their front lawn are also always a nice touch.)

I know I've trudged along some of this dusty trail before with the "Connection Illusion," but the internet's effect upon how we communicate greatly interests me.  I don't know the statistics, but the anecdotal evidence certainly suggests that writing quality for students within the halls of higher education is becoming poorer.  Between e-mail, instant messaging, and Facebook, it seems that it's hard to write is a decent sentence it is.  LOL.    (Joke, people.)  

Researching topics is another interesting area.  Do young people even know how to write a research paper without the internet?  I know when I looked it up on Google, it said that...  Oh, never mind.

Anyway, that's it for today.  Sorry it was such a rotten post, but I have to check my Facebook.

Update:  Please visit my friend's Deborah King's blog on this general issue, too.  See also "Why I Left Facebook."

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