Friday, July 22, 2011

The Black Wolf's Den (Fr. John Corapi)

Father Joe's Blog made some particularly good observations recently regarding the unfolding tragedy of Father Corapi's fall from grace, and I thought it might be of some service to my readers create a bit of a one stop location as it relates to some of the factual information associated with Fr. Corapi.

FATHER JOE: The sheep dog has no occupation separated from the chief shepherd or bishop. A dog that runs after the sheep on its own is not a true sheep dog, but rather we use another name for that canine… we call him a wolf. I would suggest that Fr. Corapi change the name of his blog and new label to BLACK WOLF. Indeed, in the future, if he carries out his intent to keep selling his wares and writing and making radio broadcasts, that is what I shall call him.

For instance, it's easy to perhaps look the other way when it comes to a decade-old driving under the influence charge, but it's worth noting how seriously the court took his sentence.  For the BAC of .09 (CA minimum threshold is .08), he was sentenced to a week's incarceration and three years of probation.  Given his conversion story featuring drug, alcohol, and other assorted addictions, this demonstrates a complete lack of regard for his position and responsibility as a priest.

Much been said about Father C's holdings, but do you realize how significant his personal and business assets are?  For a glimpse, check out the following link to the Flathead County Land Information System.  Go to the Find Property by owner option on the inquiry screen, and you can check out this humble servant's holdings--both under John Corapi as well as under Santa Cruz Media.  I have to say that my favorite is probably the boat slip at the Eagle Bend Yacht Club.  While there is no doubt significant variation in price of these slips, I found one for sale at almost $95,000.  

Speaking of Santa Cruz Media, it's somewhat enlightening to read a redacted copy of the lawsuit brought against his accuser.  When he speaks of an inability to get a fair case of canonical adjudication , he could be right; he's doing everything he can to silence the woman accusing him. 

There's been a lot written on the Corapi situation.  In fact, I have written on the matter twice before: An Open Letter to Father Corapi as well as Spiritual Fidelity and Father Corapi.  I would encourage readers to take a look at some of the insightful commentaries written by apologists such as Jimmy Akins and fine Catholic broadcasts such as those found on EWTN

Some of the non-Catholic commentaries have also been good.  For instance, Redding's Record Searchlight did an interesting piece that shed's light on the financial issues here.  In short, Father C doesn't appear to have acted much like a priest when we look at things a little more closely.

If we recognize a priest as having a vocation similar to that of a husband, what does his behavior of betrayal after the announcements really demonstrate?  It suggests an individual too caught up in his own self-importance to approach the situation with humility and contrition.  Take up your cross, Father C--not your pocketbook.

To wrap it up, I find it somewhat amusing that the Montana Secretary of State identifies Santa Cruz Media as an entertainment/video game company.  It's certainly behaving like one.

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