Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New Beginning

So, here we are again at the start of a new blog adventure. While the food blog was fun, I've decided to give a traditional writer's blog a shot. If a few readers find the offerings of interest, I'll endeavor to keep this ball in the air for a while.

The blog's new name, The Singing in the Wood, comes from a couple different sources. First, it's been the name of a document in which I used to try to save all my writings in chronological order--whether published, or not. The original idea was to bring good out of declined articles by finding a place that recorded our spiritual journey in the form of these diverse essays and articles starting about a decade, or so, ago. As time went on, I stopped being so careful to record my articles there, and it's probably quite out of date by now. The central idea of one large volume of all my writings, documenting a long spiritual journey for myself and family, still resonates deeply with me. Maybe someday I'll resume the endeavor more seriously.

You might also say that the singing in the wood refers to the call of Christ and His Church echoing forth from His creation. It reminds us that we don't go out in search of Him, so much as He goes in search of us. It evokes this love and grace, which infuses our lives through and through with meaning and substance otherwise missing entirely.

PS. One of the reasons I've decided to keep the current URL, is that there may be food-related posts from time to time. I might be tempted to include recipes or meals that help bring the family together in a meaningful way. (See very first blog post as an example.)

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