Monday, October 26, 2015

Please Don't Buy This Book...yet

A funny thing happened this year.  Around January 2015, I self-published a small collection of short stories, Alcatraz Burning. Shortly thereafter, I began to receive great and constructive feedback from readers.  After some particularly helpful input from a young member of the Catholic Writers' Guild and a mystery author named Suzi Albracht, I took the tale down from Amazon.  Six months later, I edited and revised the collection.  I uploaded the corrections, and I figured that was it; it was a wrap.

Sadly, things didn't work out quite that way.  People who had downloaded the original work, were not getting the corrected and revised version.  People figured I was just wasting their time, which, of course, was not my intention.  After communicating with Amazon, I realized that this problem was not going to be corrected except by re-issuing the book from scratch.  Yesterday, I took down the original version of the book on Amazon and submitted its revised replacement.

Starting Friday, this new title will be available from Kindle for free.  You can grab a copy of the eBook between Friday and Monday.  Go HERE to check it out...but don't click Buy until Friday!

By the way, I'm back as a university student for the next couple years (English Literature & New Media).  While I complete my degree, you likely won't see much new fiction from me for quite a while.  With two possible exceptions, you also won't see as much marketing and promotion.  (I know that last one's gotta hurt...)  Continue to watch for my articles, and please don't forget to share your reviews of my past fiction!  

Thank you for being a reader.

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