Sunday, August 30, 2015

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My latest book is now available for free to readers, but only through Monday.  Alcatraz Burning, Four Mind-Bending Short Stories offers readers exciting science fiction horror, fantasy, and mystery stories for their reading enjoyment.  Once you have read the tale, please don't forget to leave a review on Amazon.

Here's an excerpt for you below.  Enjoy!

Exclamations arose from the personnel as they recognized the lifeless legs hanging in the air above them as having once belonged to Slaughter. Derek swore and reached up to pull the body out, but it did not budge. He looked closely and noted that the body and clothing had fused into the vessel’s own metallic material. Everyone’s attention was so riveted above that they failed to notice the shadows in time. Once the dark forms reached the squad’s rear, the screams began. Laser fire erupted next, but it had no effect. Bodies of the dead fell about the corridor. Anne’s hands shook as she assembled the cannon. Derek covered her as best as he was able, but his weapon seemed useless. The laser would cut through a shadowy figure, then it would simply re-materialize. He dropped the rifle and went for his backup weapon, which was an old .45 caliber handgun in his belt pouch. He jammed the magazine in and chambered the round and fired twice into the darkness, punctuated with flashes of white light and fire.

Erickson, Karl Bjorn. Alcatraz Burning (Kindle Locations 217-224). Karl Bjorn Erickson.

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