Thursday, September 12, 2013

Five Free Kindle Books This Weekend!

Excited to announce a big Kindle book giveaway this weekend.  I've put the dates of the free days below each title, and the dates will serve as a link to the books themselves on Amazon.  Hope you can check these out.  Regarding the last three titles, they have been recently edited and streamlined.  If you enjoy, please review!  (In fact, the last humorous title will likely disappear for good without a review or two--same with Stars Within the Glass.)

Free September 13 and 14th!

Free Sept. 13-15!
Free Sept. 13-15!   

Free Sept. 13-15!
Free Sept. 14-17! 

(NO LONGER AVAILABLE)                               (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

UPDATE:  "Toupee Mice" is now available to Kindle readers for $4.99!

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