Sunday, March 10, 2013

Latest CWG Events from the News Coordinator

It's hard to believe that three weeks from this Sunday, we'll be celebrating Easter!  On a more personal note, this is also the eighth year anniversary of our family joining the Catholic Church--and three years, or so, for my in-laws.  (The Tiber crossing is getting busy!)

Still trying to find my rhythm when it comes to getting the news out for my fellow guild members. To simplify the process for me a bit, I am posting originally on my blog, then copying my post over to the CWG blog.  We'll see how it works.  (WordPress and I don't always see eye to eye.)

For today, I am just sharing some of the most recent news items in short paragraph format.  In the future, I will try to do this more often along the lines of member profiles.  If I have overlooked an important news item, please send to me directly at .  (Please put something along the lines of CWG News in the subject line.)

John Konecsni's new novel is now available from CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.  Hope you can check it out!  (I was happy to find it available in both traditional and electronic format, and am excited to check out the Kindle version today.)

There’s a new publication, a slick magazine with a mission of worldwide evangelization, called Shalom Tidings and two of our CWG writers are contributors.

 In the March issue (the second issue) of Tidings, Nancy Ward debuts as a columnist, with “Bring a Friend,” written for the Year of Faith.  Barbara Schoneberger has a stirring essay, “Divine Simplicity and Truth,” featured in this issue.

 Although the magazine is published in Texas, it is the newest endeavor of a word-wide media apostolate ( with roots in India in the Syro Malankara Exarcate rite. What a diverse and intricately connected Church our God has given us.  (Thanks to Nancy Ward for the preceding news item!)

Help a Writer!

Over the next couple weeks, I'll start work on article focusing on the Catholic concept of time.  (Yes, I always pick easy, simple topics, don't I?)  While attending services in Dallas, Texas in December, I heard a prayer that I'd like to include in my upcoming article.  

The prayer quote below was taken from a Mass I attended at the Catholic Cathedral in Dallas, Texas.  Since that time, no one has been able to track down the source of this particular Eucharistic Prayer.  It's possible that it was adapted to English from another language.  

If the passage below rings any bells for you, could you please contact me?  (I am also in the process of getting it translated to Spanish.)

You parted the veil of eternity and entered time in the person of Jesus born to Mary and Joseph; new life, given to change all lives.  Be born in our hearts and minds to touch and change this world.


Here's the Spanish translation--thanks to my friend and colleague, Blanca.  Unfortunately, it doesn't shed light on the origins of the prayer; nothing matching found using Google.

Has separado el velo de la eternidad
y entrado en tiempo en la persona de Jesús
nacido a María y José;
Nueva vida, dada para cambiar las vidas.
Nace en nuestro Corazón y pensamientos 
para tocar y cambiar este mundo.

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