Sunday, September 2, 2012

Short Review of Portland's City Grill

Last Friday afternoon, we had the pleasure of taking a late lunch at Portland's City Grill.  If you haven't visited this restaurant before, it is quite the experience.  Situated on the 30th floor in downtown Portland, it offers sweeping and panoramic views northeast to southeast.  The restaurant does an excellent job taking full advantage of this impressive setting--and the food is great, too!

Since there were four of us in our group, we opted to do the less expensive lunch over the dinner.  Except for later traffic problems getting back to Salem that evening, this seems to have been a good choice.  (We also ordered the gift card in advance to take advantage of a gift card special the restaurant was running.)  Not having to be quite so attentive about what we were ordering made the experience more enjoyable, and the "savings" encouraged us to sample tempting appetizers and deserts such as spring rolls, seasoned fries, creme brule, and even fresh doughnuts!  

While all of the food--and even the drinks--were absolutely delicious, it was the view and the unique ambiance of City Grill that really stays on one's mind.  I highly recommend a visit to this restaurant in the clouds.  If you're celebrating a special occasion as we were, it is sure to impress and delight!  The waiters and servers are also great.

A few parting recommendations:

1.  Be sure to check the prices before you head in.

2.  Reservations are recommended, but bear in mind you can't reserve a window table.  While virtually all tables have some degree of a view, the best tables sometimes require a small additional wait.

3.  Once your parking is validated, the basement parking is free.  While this is good, bear in mind that the parking is somewhat tight and cramped.  If you drive a large pickup, you'll want to look elsewhere.

4.  If you find yourself leaving Portland on a weekday rush hour, find something else with which to occupy yourself for a couple hours!  (Our drive home took twice as long as it would have ordinarily.)

5.  Don't forget to try their steak; it's the best!

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