Sunday, August 5, 2012

Don't Miss the Terrific Art Sale! (Silverton Fine Arts Festival)

My talented wife, Kimberly Erickson, is very excited this summer to have her art featured at the upcoming Silverton Arts Festival to be held on August 18th and 19th.  She plans to have about thirty original pieces available for sale on that weekend.  

The available artwork will feature paintings (including original artwork from both Tristan's Travels and Toupee Mice) as well as new sketches, and other original pieces.  We also will have signed copies of Tristan's Travels available.  We also are planning to share flyers there for our next book, Toupee Mice--coming soon from Rafka Press!

Kimberly's beautiful cover art for "Tristan's Travels."
Recently, Kimberly has especially enjoyed painting animals.  While she has always loved spending time with animals, we've noticed that a real need exists for quality painters of family pets.  For example, we hope to have at least one painting at the art festival featuring a happy Newfoundland.  (Yes, we have the "Newfoundland bug" now, but we're not sure our little place is ready for such a big dog.)  

A photo taken of Silver Falls by Karl Erickson.
Silverton is a lovely and picturesque Oregon town situated about fifteen miles northeast of Salem--not far from beautiful Silver Falls.  The weekend of August 18th and 19th is coming up fast; we hope to see you all there! (Free admission to the event.)

About the Artist

Kimberly Erickson currently resides in Salem, Oregon with her husband, Karl Erickson, and their two children.  Karl is the writer of children's stories and religious essays.  They enjoy working together on uplifting books for children. 

Kimberly comes from a family of artists.  As the daughter of acclaimed illustrator and sculptor John Carroll Collier and the granddaughter of successful landscape artist Carroll Collier, Kimberly is no stranger to the arts.  (Her uncle, Grant Collier, a great artist, too.)  Over the last few years in particular, Kimberly has experimented with a wide variety of art mediums--from "water gilding" and pastels to photography.  

She is currently concentrating on the creation of illustrations for children's books.  Her enchanting artwork captures the wonder and delight of a child's imagination.   

Children's illustrator and fine artist, Kimberly Erickson.

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