Friday, May 25, 2012

Observations on Kaiser's Emergency Triage

The other day my wife presented serious symptoms at the Skyline Kasier Permanente facility in Salem, Oregon.  Although her symptom presentation suggested the possibility of a serious medical condition--e.g. stroke or possible blockage in the brain--we were directed to wait an hour before a nurse saw her.  As soon as she was seen, the care was wonderful.  I can't stress that enough, in fact.  

Still, as this is the second time we have experienced a serious triage error at Kaiser Permanente, we think it's important that people know they should press to be evaluated by a health professional if symptoms suggest an emergency.  "Assembly line medicine" can still be a serious concern even at the best of facilities.  You are ultimately the best advocate for quality care and continuity of care, and sometimes you must be willing to escalate things to the next level.  I'm sure glad we did.

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