Monday, November 21, 2011

Recreational vs. Professional Blogging

The last time I gave a talk to elementary school students, I emphasized the importance of practice for the writer.  Write as much as you can and read good books, too.  I think there's value to the writer in keeping the writing going, but sometimes it's hard to categorize one's writing.  In other words, what does the professional writer do who enjoys writing unprofessionally at times?

For example, as the readers of Tristan's Travels already know, I have a tendency towards silliness.  The problem was that I didn't really want to associate the silly writing too closely with the more serious writing found on this blog.  Not sure why I never thought of it before...but I have created a second blog entitled The Restless Auditor; it's very silly.  So far, the content is taken from revised posts from sometime ago.  New content will eventually follow.

Besides being another form of writing practice for me, the silly blog serves as a kind of recreational release valve.  It's a way of responding to annoyances with humor, and it seems to work for me anyway.  I hope you can check out The Restless Auditor--and let me know what you think (maybe).

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