Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Really, Really Last Post for a While...

You know that feeling when you can't leave the house for a trip until you re-check the stove and coffee maker?  No?  Well, anyway, this kind of falls into that category.  I couldn't abandon my little venture for days and days without sharing some very exciting news.  

If all goes according to plan, this blog will soon feature a special actor/director/writer interview.  Depending on the mystery guest's schedule, it will likely appear in late July or early August. 

If all goes well, the hope is to interview a well known figure every month, or so.  With several notable exceptions, I'll be trying to steer clear of writers, as I have a friend with the Catholic Writer's Guild who already does a fine job on those.  

We'll also likely have a book giveaway (possibly one Tristan's Travels plus a title associated with one of the guest's current projects). Giveaway will be open to those following my blog--and, for practicality purposes, only if there are new followers between now and the time of the interview.  Also, it's not open to family or immediate friends, I'm afraid.  More details coming in July.  So, please tell your friends to stop by, "follow," and enjoy.  (I hope.) 

In the meantime, please go have a terrific summer.  Happy 4th!  Now, I'm really leaving...

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