Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Coming Home

On the way back yesterday from seeing a great movie with the family (True Grit), I noticed a young man wheeling a floral-patterned suitcase down the sidewalk.  (I presume he was heading towards I-5.)  He was downcast and obviously upset about something.  Suddenly, a young woman appeared a block away, running towards him with a look of quiet desperation.  Sadly, I couldn't watch to see how this particular drama played out, but I hope that they're homelife is doing better. 

It was a poignant snapshot of life, and it got me to thinking of our coming home to the Catholic Church at the Easter Mass of 2005.  With the exception of childhood, this is about the longest we've ever been at the same church, and there's no inclination to search or "church hop" around again either.  We've found our church home, and we're profoundly thankful to be done with the endless church searching of our past years.

Here's the link for a Thirst for Reverence, which appeared in Catholic Answers' magazine, This Rock.  I hope you find it interesting, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have concerning our spiritual journey.  I will add that I never was completely happy with how this article was edited.  Most of the positive elements associated with our evangelical upbringing were de-emphasized, while the negative elements received greater emphasis as a result.  Still, it conveys a clear picture of why we crossed the Tiber for the fullness of the Catholic Church.

I took the accompanying photo while on a recent trip to Friday Harbor, Washington State situated on San Juan Island.  The photo is of the Saint Francis Catholic Church.

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